BeerTracker replaces 'bottle cap in the pocket' trick


I don’t know about you but back in college when I used to drink enough beers in a row to necessitate some sort of accounting system, I’d simply slip each bottle cap into my pocket and count them the next morning.

If I’d had the BeerTracker — with convenient LCD display that increases in numeric value with each bottle that’s opened — I could have littered my bottle caps to and fro like everyone else.

Know what a smart use of this thing might be? Using it at weddings or anywhere else there’s an open bar. Show the BeerTracker to the host at the end of the night, multiply by $5 or $6, and there’s your beer bill.

The BeerTracker costs about $10, plus whatever it costs to ship something like that from Germany Denmark (oops).

BeerTracker [] via GeekAlerts