Bungie sorta hints at its next non-Halo game: 'totally different,' 'pretty cool'


Microsoft and Bungie separated last October, but there had been no indication what kind of non-Halo game (or games) Bungie planned to develop. Today that’s still sorta the case, but we do know that the game will be “pretty cool.”

In the latest Bungie podcast, company staff said that the new game will be something “totaly different” than what we might expect. Considering the company’s history, I suppose now we can rule out a first person shooter. That leaves everything from RPG to puzzle game to dating simulator. That last one would surprise more than a few of us.

I’d like to see an MMO that has nothing to do with wizards and elves, or maybe a decent fighting game from someone other than Capsom or Namco. Interesting to see where this newfound freedom had lead Ye Olde Bungie.

Bungie 2/4/08 Podcast [Bungie via Eurogamer]