Claim: Percolators make better coffee than drip machines, should be celebrated


When one of my older relatives gave me a percolator as a gift last summer, I literally had to Google what the hell the thing was. You put the water where? Does the coffee go in out or, do you have to shake it all about? If so, for how long? I eventually got the hang of it, but then instantly switched over to a regular, drip machine a few weeks later. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t be bothered with the “oldness” of the device. Why use a rotary phone if I don’t have to?

To me, the taste wasn’t so much “better” that I had to re-arrange my schedule just to get the percolator out of the blast furnace. El Sr. Ruhlman, who writes about food for real, disagrees. Percolators, apparently, fill the soul with only the freshest nine cups of coffee.

Maybe I’m the wrong person to have written this, not being much of a coffee person. I’d be fine with doing a double stacked hit of ecstasy in the morning to wake up if it weren’t for the wicked teeth grinding that happens a few hours in.

Percolator Love [ via Boing Boing Gadgets]