Wi-Fi sharing app for S60 surfaces


We’ve heard of tools like this for Windows Mobile, in fact we used one to liveblog the Bill Gates keynote at CES, but this is the first time a Wi-Fi sharing app for smartphones has hit a Symbian phone. If your S60-powered phone has Wi-Fi, you can now use it as an access point for all of your Wi-Fi-epuipped devices.

Install the app and run it, and your Nokia becomes a mobile, battery-powered router. It uses your 3G data connection as a source, then routes it via its integrated Wi-Fi. Neat.

Two words of caution, though: your carrier is going to hate on you if they find out, and it kills the battery quickly. You’ll be lucky to get an hour out of most phones, so this isn’t good for everyday usage. But if you’re away from a connection and need access, go nuts.

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