Archos TV+ is a lot like Apple TV (but Archos usually lets people tinker with its hardware)


It looks like the Archos TV+ came out in Europe before here, what with every British tech site having already given their first impression. The little device is a media server and comes with either an 80GB or 250GB hard drive. Wi-Fi takes care of the wireless streaming of music, movies, photos and the sort. If it sounds similar to the Apple TV, that’s because it is similar to the Apple TV. Only iTunes-DRM’d content won’t play on this.

It supports, with the help of plugins, MPEG4, WMV and H.264; no DivX support (yet?).

T3 has an unembeddable video of the interface, while Pocket-lint has all sorts of photos. Godspeed.

Video: Hands on with Archos TV+ [T3]

Archos TV+ in pictures []