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Brandon on The Unreasonable Stance: HD DVD will be triumphant

Man . . . had to put my waders on to get through this one . . .

Tom on An Interview with Neil Strauss of The Game: Foolproof pick-up gadgets

Look at the advice this guy is handing out: recording your conversations, talking to yourself in cafés, taking a kids’ toy on a night out. He’s trying to trick you into looking like an idiot. That’s his technique: make every other man on the planet look crazy and/or pathetic and he’ll be able to pick up any woman he likes!

Alex on Matt Hickey endorses the Col-Pop

Wasn’t this taken directly from an episode of Drake & Josh?
The ‘Cupastuff’: it holds your popcorn, your candy, and a drink.

I… don’t know how i know that.