Microsoft wants Windows Mobile on Nokia phones


From what I understand, Nokia cellphones are among the best out there and Windows Mobile is among the worst mobile OS’s out there. So it totally makes sense for Microsoft to put pressure on the Finnish corp to release Windows Mobile phones. Microsoft wants Nokia to move in order to extend “synergies.”

And for no reason, here’s the earliest use of the word “synergy” I could find: “They speak only of such a Synergie, or cooperation, as makes men differ from a sensless stock, or liveless statua, in reference to the great work of his own conversion.” (HEYLIN Hist. Quinquart. I. 9)

Basically, Microsoft wants its Windows Mobile base to grow beyond the 6 percent market share it has now. Nokia’s Symbian already has a 70 percent share. Could be an interesting development, to see how these two play off each other. The thought of running WM on a Nokia is a little off-putting, I must say.

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