Mustek announces digital photo frame that doubles as an alarm clock and so much more


I hate my alarm clock as I’m sure most of you do too. I’m still not sold on digital photo frames and I think it’s safe to say most you aren’t either. I only know one person who owns one. But what would you say to a digital photo frame that’s also an alarm clock? What if it had a calendar, indoor temperature gauge and MP3 player? I sure as heck would want one of those. Well, Mustek has a 7-inch model, PF-E700, that does all that and supports SD/SDHC/MMC/MS-Pro Duo/CF memory cards. It also plays AVI files and supports M-JPEG formats. Oh, and the alarm clock does have a snooze button. Just be sure you don’t include a photo of someone or something you hate because you might get a fit of rage when you wake up and throw the $149 doohickey against the wall. You’ve been warned. Pick one up in April if you’re so inclined.