Reusable swallowable camera pills come cheap these days

pillcamera.jpgResearchers at the University of Washington (where I am kind of an alumnus, go Huskies) have devised an alternative to using a bulky endoscope to look inside a patient’s tracts. They’d use this pill-camera, about the size of a big almond, attached to a thin string, which a patient can easily swallow and regurgitate without too much discomfort. Plus, it only costs $300, which means a hospital could afford about a hundred of them for the cost of an endoscope. I might even get one for the home. Also, I love this quote:

“Never in your life have you ever swallowed anything and it’s still sticking out of your mouth, but once you do it, it’s easy.”


Reusable camera pill would be about $300 [CNN]