Samsung finds some Soul with latest Ultra Edition handset


Joining Samsung’s ever popular Ultra Edition series is the Soul, which is an abbreviation of “The Spirit of Ultra.” Everyone wants to appeal to the fashion forward or style-conscious consumer these days and admittedly the phones are getting much prettier, but do you really have to say that’s who you’re targeting? Hate to tell you, but the Soul will only be available in Europe starting this April. If you’re interested in the specs then read on, friend. I suggest you do.

The Soul is slim, lightweight and blends portability while still being multi-functional. What appears to be the phone’s biggest selling point is its ability to adapt to user preference. It’s equipped with what’s called the Magical Touch from DaCP, which adjusts the navigational indicators on the keypad to makes piloting the menus much easier. So if you’re using the 5-megapixel camera than camera related icons will light up.

I’m not so sure I’ve seen this particular feature on any other phone, but the Soul has three different UIs for the user to choose from. They’re graphical differences, really, and you’re also given the ability to skin your own displays with different wallpapers, fonts and colors. Hmm. Can’t you do that sort of stuff (skins that is) already? That’s what I thought.

The full metal body is a mere 12.9-mm thick and the aforementioned camera has AF, LED flash, face detection, image stabilizer and wide dynamic range. It also records QVGA video. You should also be aware that it’s a Quad-band/HSDPA handset with a 2.2-inch LCD and Bluetooth 2.0 as well as having Google mail/search and an RSS reader. The digital power amplifier for the MP3 player is pumped by Bang & Olufsen’s ICEpower technology. Other hotsy-totsy Samsung devices with ICEpower amps sound excellent. Most notably the Serenata and F330. To round it out, you’ll find a microSD card slot and FM radio.