Mobile Gaming News Roundup

Each week MobileCrunchArcade compiles the biggest news from the world of mobile gaming.

If you are able to break away from your mobile games long enough to see the news from time to time, you may be aware that there is a presidential election in the United States this year. Political junkies like me have known about this upcoming event for a few months now. Following a national election is a lot like watching soap operas. The names change but the candidates seem to all come from a writer’s stock-character folder. To combat this tedium, Gamloft will launch Battle for the White House: a Bipartisan Mobile Game this month. The game has a classic boxing mode, which has been around in political mobile games for awhile. But it adds a dirty-tricks mode. You can command your favorite candidate to sabotage the competition, break-up protestors like a veteran Storm Trooper, and stuff the ballot box like a Chicago political machine. Your favorite candidate may have bowed out by now but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little satirical fun.

If you have been holding your breath, waiting for Nokia to launch it new N-Gage gaming service, you are dead by now. The starting date for N-Gage has had more missteps than a barefoot drunk on an ice rink. But this week Nokia announced that a new N-Gage is here and now finds its home under the Ovi brand. Owners of Nokia’s N81 multimedia phone will now be able to download games carrier by Nokia. When asked about the N81, Nokia spokesman Damian Stathonikos said, “It’s the most gaming-optimized device.” (Some enthusiasm for the N81 must have been lost in translation). If you don’t have one don’t fret, in the near future other Nokia phones will be able to carry Ovi games.

Don Ryan of Oberon Media spoke at the Casual Games Association this week. He thinks there is a gap in the mobile gaming market that can be filled by creating casual games that target women. I don’t mean targeting women in a creepy way, but target women by creating casual games they want to play. I’ll let someone else explain what a casual game is, and you’ll have to ask mom the difference between boys and girls. All I know is that if more people are playing mobile games the better the world is.

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch and wish you could play some SNES games on your handset, now you can. The good people at ZodTTD have announced the release of snes4iphone v1.0.0 application. This application is based on the PocketSNES emulator written by paqpark for the Pocket PC. Just link to snes4iphone to get started playing all those wonderful old titles on the small screen.

If you have been waiting for Gothic 3: The Beginning, stop waiting and get playing. There are hundreds of monsters to kill, tons of NPCs to talk to and forbidden magic to learn. The game takes place 140 years before the first installment of the Gothic series. You play Xardas, who has been chosen by Innos to capture and return magic rune stones. If you enjoy this type of RPG, get a copy and start opening those chests to find some treasure. Don’t forget to answer your phone as you slash your way through all those baddies. You’re boss may be calling asking where that first rune stone can be found.

That is this week’s mobile gaming news roundup. Remember to exercise those thumbs, recharge the battery and never take your eyes off the screen.