The non-dead Sam Jackson is rolling over in his non-existent grave

swbug.jpgThis is for the hardcore Star Wars buffs in the audience. Do you notice anything wrong with this picture? No? How about the Jedi on the far left? Still not getting it? Well, you’re not much of a Star Wars fan then. Heh. See, the supposed Jedi on the left has a purple lightsaber and that’s a big no-no. Sam Jackson, who played by Mace Windu, personally requested a purple lightsaber, which Lucas obviously OK’d, to help distinguish his character from the rest of the Jedi masters. So, you see, the Jedi, and I use this term loosely, on the left is obviously a doof. What’s even more surprising is that the rest of the so-called Star Wars character actors have not informed him of his obvious indiscretion. Should any of you attend the event here in the City of Brotherly Love see this supposed Jedi, please do us all a favor and tell him to get his act together. Thanks.