Two new bags from Crumpler

Crumpler bags are often better known for their fun Aussie looks; confoundingly silly names; and playfully obtuse catalogue descriptions; than they are for their pure functionality to photographers. While that doesn’t change a lot with their latest offerings from PMA 2008, they’re still fun bags (hee-hee) nonetheless and that’s important too, ya know?

Rufous2web On the one hand, there’s The Rufous Whistler ($90), a “Limited Edition” bag designed for bird and nature photographers. We don’t know if “designed” is the right word, though. This bag seems more “drawn” for bird lovers, with a bright red and yellow color scheme, and cute pictures of birds throughout including a stitched red “birder” with a pair of binocs on the side. Looks like, at most, you could fit a digital SLR and lens into this cute little bag. Maybe some small binoculars as well.

CorkForkweb Then there’s The Period Charmer ($550), which is two photo bags in one. First it’s a photo trolley bag, complete with wheels and a collapsible handle, making it a great piece of luggage for dragging through airports and stowing away as a carry-on item. Inside The Period Charmer is the Cork & Fork removable insert, which can be pulled from the trolley bag and used as a photo backpack. The Cork & Fork — yes, we know this is all kind of confusing — has padded shoulder straps, an adjustable waist, and a soft tricot-lined adjustable “snake” wall to cradle your cameras and lenses.

If you’re not thoroughly lost by now, visit Crumpler’s bizarre website, which you’ll either lover or hate. We kinda dig it.

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