Much like my Uncle Charlie, MSN Direct doesn't work

Remember the old Spot watches? Well Microsoft’s now taken the same info-at-a-glance technology and made it accessible to your Windows Mobile device. Sounds simple enough. Microsoft making relatively straightforward news and weather information available on a device running Microsoft software should be simps, right?

Well I’m sorry to inform you that it doesn’t work. Yes, it’s a technology preview so it’s not yet a finished product but I could barely keep it from barfing on itself while testing it. And I was using one of only two “compatible” Sprint phones. I’d assume that the kinks will eventually get worked out but this is pretty rudimentary stuff here.

Your mileage may vary. Actually knowing my luck, it’ll work for everyone else in the entire world and I’ll get flamed for being a royal knob job. Prepare to comment!

MSN Direct for Windows Mobile []