Rumor: iPhone, iPod Touch to get price drop

iphone_sale.jpgThere comes a time when I just want to vomit and never ever look at certain topics in the tech/gadget world. That day has come for Apple. Frankly, I’m just sick and tired of the rumors about this and that that seem to pop up every single day. Last week there was a rumor that Apple would hold an event at the end of this month. And now rumors say the iPhone and iPod Touch will see a $100 price drop. If you’re going to drop the price of something then why don’t you flippin’ do it when you announce your new products? The 8GB iPod Touch is supposedly being dropped from the lineup as well. The price drop could be as early as this month, but we might not see it until mid-April. We’ll put out our feelers.

$100 price drop on iPhones and iPods coming in the next two months [9to5 Mac]