TechCrunch has a new events consultant

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Plenty of people have been wondering when we’d start running some TechCrunch events on this side of the pond. But attempting to run a full-time news blog and run events at the same time is a recipe for chaos. So I’m delighted to say that TechCrunch UK & Ireland is going to be working with Thayer Driver as our Events & Sponsorship Consultant. One of the first things we’ll be working on together is a decent-sized TechCrunch event for the Summer, while looking at other opportunities in the meantime to bring our community of readers together. Thayer will be exploring commercial opportunities for TechCrunch events both in the UK, Ireland and, potentially, other European centres. She can be reached on thayer.driver[AT] (LinkedIn page) and here is a little more information about her. Oh, and, unlike most events people I know, she can also build objects in Second Life.

Thayer brings with her 10 years online experience, spanning statistical analysis, programming, recruitment and company development, commercialising and producing ideas, and a passion for the social web and gaming. Her career in the ‘community web’ started as a programmer at UpMyStreet in 2001, after which she moved into commercial roles. Thayer’s most recent start-up in 2005 was co-founding the community based jobs board, Chinwag Jobs. Having worked as Commercial Director across all the Chinwag brands until autumn 2007, Thayer then moved into consultancy. Her latest project has been working with Apple highlighting emerging technology and online communities.

And just so you know, online advertising/sponsorship opportunities on TechCrunch UK & Ireland are continuing to be handled by TechCrunch’s Heather Harde (Heather[AT]