HD DVD group calls Netflix Blu-ray decision 'unfortunate'


What’s the HD DVD Promotions Group’s response to Netflix’s decision to exclusively stock Blu-ray and BestBuy’s decision to “recommend” Blu-ray?

… it’s unfortunate to see Netflix make the decision to only stock Blu-ray titles going forward. While the Best Buy announcement says they will recommend Blu-ray, at least they will continue to carry HD DVD and offer consumers a choice at retail

I guess we’re entering the no spin zone! You really feel for the guys forced to put out positive press release after positive press release. “At least” they’ll still carry our discs :-(

Are dual-format players so expensive that they’ll never catch on? Or is it that by the time they’re as cheap as present day DVD players the “war” will truly be over?

HD DVD Group Responds to Netflix, Best B [High-Def Digest via Xbox-Scene]