How a lost laptop could cost Best Buy $54 million

[photopress:raelyn_2.jpg,full,left]This is a tale of poor customer service and aggravated lawsuits and lost laptops, all things we love. Raelyn Campbell is suing Best Buy for $54 million after the electronics lost a laptop she’d brought in for repairs.

That seems very high, but Campbell believes that the money she’s asking for isn’t just about the lost laptop but rather for all the run-around Best Buy gave her after losing it.

It seems Best Buy wouldn’t refund the purchase price, and would only give her a gift card to use towards buying another laptop. This was after many calls to finally get them to admit it was lost.

Now she’s brought suit, which Best Buy has offered to settle, but Campbell insist on going to court. This could get very expensive for Best Buy, and the thing it should take away from the ordeal is in the customer service world, that ounce of prevention and pound of pain axiom is true.

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