Resellers say MacBook Air sales aren't as brisk as original MacBook


“The people that are interested in [the MacBook Air] are not interested in buying it.” Not exactly what Apple wants to hear, you gotta figure.

Analysts over at Piper Jaffray met with resellers yesterday, resellers that voiced a fair amount of concern over sales of the MacBook Air. Of the retailers present, 60 percent said demand for the MacBook Air was less than that of the original MacBook two years ago. (But 30 percent said demand was similar. Go figure.)

Resellers are seeing the same thing that we’ve observed. The MacBook could well be too expensive for Apple’s customers.

Keep in mind that these are resellers we’re talking about, not the Apple Store or For all we know MacBook Air sales could be just fine. Fodder for discussion, if nothing else.

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