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dave on Call of Duty 4 may have triggered missing Marine’s PTSD?

I have the utmost respect for our fighting men and women… my sister is currently deployed to the middle east and doesn’t return until summer at best… that being said, I hope the family – or this marine when he is found – try to pin this on the gaming industry… it’s pathetic that I even think it might happen but in this day of McDonalds coffee and everything else… it wouldn’t surprise me.

Someone find this guy and get him the help he needs… while your looking for him, if happen to see any other soldiers out there, take a moment to stop and say thanks – even if you don’t like war/bush/iraq/whatever.

drdrew on Another ‘one console is better for everyone’ editorial

lol, shouldn’t this article start with “the unreasonable stance”? at least it’s comforting to know your vote doesn’t count. why not focus on something actually worthwhile for your audience like “one wire”, “the battery”, “coding standards“. now that would be rare

TempestuousCurrent on Batman set to perish in issue #676


Why must everything I love die?