Proposed law would make Internet traffic interference illegal


More Comcast fallout for your Wednesday afternoon. The ISP told the FCC yesterday that, yes, it does slow down Internet traffic for the greater good. The corp recently updated its TOS to reflect the fact that it shapes traffic. So that, in and of itself, isn’t new or exciting. The blowback that’s developing is, however.

A bill will be introduced to the House today that would disallow Comcast and other network providers from interfering with your Net connection. The idea here is that it’s in the public’s interest to allow unfettered access to the Internet in order to foster the next round of Googles and Yahoos. If your bandwidth is constantly futzed around with, how can you reliably use services like VoIP?

Why doesn’t Comcast just offer a legitimate unlimited service? Charge the power users (people like us, I assume) a little more but give them all the bandwidth they can handle.

Comcast Defends Role As Internet Traffic Cop [Washington Post via Slashdot]