$20 Indian cellphone to bring telephony to developing world


An Indian telecom corp will release a $20 cellphone that’s aimed at the developing world/celphone market. The phone, nicknamed the people’s phone (much like the people’s elbow) has absolutely zero features other than being able to make and receive calls—no screen, no Web browser, no nothing. Frankly, that’s all I want in a phone, so long as it works reliably and I can hear the person on the other end clearly. Why that’s so hard a concept for the carriers/hardware devs to understand I’ll never understand.

You may remember that inexpensive car from last month, the Nano, that’s supposed to bring the gift of rapid personal transportation to the masses. This phone has similar, lofty goals.

For now, the phone is only being developed with Asia, Africa and South America in mind. Shame, since I have $20 in my wallet right now and would gladly hand it over for a working cellphone (my 1st gen LG Chocolate is on its death bed, gonna have to replace it soon).

India unveils ‘people’s phone’ for £10 [Times Online via Drudge Report]