Apple TV's "Take Two" upgrade rocks; Causing problems with Leopard for anyone else?


So I had to wait an extra day for some reason, but last night I got my Take Two upgrade for my Apple TV up and running. I rented an HD movie (The Simpsons, for those who’re curious) and it looked and sounded great. The 5.1 Dolby Surround was flawless and the video looked just amazing, far better than what I get with Comcast HD.

The update itself took just 7 minutes from start to finish. My Apple TV itself now works great. But then I ran into a problem that took me hours to fix.

See, after the upgrade, the Apple TV wouldn’t show up on my MacBook Pro’s iTunes. So I tried re-pairing the two, but no luck. It did recognize the Airtunes built-in to the Take Two upgrade, but couldn’t connect.

I quit and restarted iTunes to no avail. I threw away libraries and preference files, and nothing. A reboot didn’t work either.

Then I rebooted my router and lo! The Apple TV showed up in iTunes. I paired them and was good to go. But hark! What is this treachery? My MacBook lost its Internet connection. It was on the network, but for some reason it couldn’t connect to the Internet itself.

Firefox wouldn’t even try, and iTunes was trying to access the iTunes store, but couldn’t. I couldn’t ping anything. Jabber worked, but iChat wouldn’t connect to the AIM network. Odd indeed.

I tried new DNS settings, but that didn’t help. So I killed iTunes and restarted it, the Apple TV was gone, but my Internet connection was fine.


I know many MBP users have had many Wi-Fi problems after upgrading to Leopard, but this is just weird. Apple TV and iTunes 7.6 aren’t playing nice, and I can’t seem to figure it out. Round two is this weekend, I’ll let you all know what I come up with. And I’m open to suggestions from the geek crowd here.

And now, images of the Take Two install.