LG VX9100, VX8610 en route to Verizon Wireless: VX8610 has built-in Bluetooth headset


Heads up for those of you on a Verizon Wireless contract. Two new LG cellphones are heading your way in the next few months, ones that will be comparable to the enV and the Chocolate. The VX9100 sorta resembles the enV, but is thinner and has a simpler two-button directional pad. Other than that, it’s not breaking any new ground&mdsh;two megapixel camera, QWERTY keyboard, etc. That’s it up there, if you can see through the Phone Arena watermark.

The VX8610 is a standard slider, but one with a built-in, removable BlueTooth headset. You can almost picture the VZW commercials now: buy the VX8610 (snappy, focus group-tested name TBA) and be the coolest guy on the block. The background music for the commercial will be vaguely inspired by hip hop and young, youth-is-wasted-on-the-young 20-somethings will be seen in a park or a bowling alley or some other nonsense, high-fiving and texting each other.

You know.

LG VX9100 and VX8610 coming to Verizon [Phone Arena]