Military plans to shoot rogue satellite out of the sky


We’re gonna shoot that rogue satellite out of the sky. How clutch is that?

Yup, the president just gave the go-ahead to knock that now-broken satellite right out of the sky. The satellite, which the military hasn’t had control of since its launch in December 2006, is predicted to fall back to Earth the first week of March. Rather than risk having the bus-sized object careen toward civilization—predicting where it would land is pretty difficult—we’re gonna go the Armageddon route.

It’s the first time a missile will be used to bring down a satellite and no one knows the chances of its success. Apparently, though, after much analysis, taking a chance is better than not.

I cannot wait. Grab some popcorn, boys and girls.

US Plans to Shoot Down Broken Satellite [AP/Breitbart via Drudge]