Sony Ericsson's shift to WinMo about diversification


Some people were surprised to hear that Sony’s gonna start using Windows Mobile here and there, most notably on the upcoming XPERIA X1 — or what I like to call “The Moist-Maker” because it looks dead sexy. When prodded for an explanation as to why Sony’s suddenly taken a shine to WinMo, a company spokesperson tactfully explained that it’s all about broadening the company’s portfolio.

Sony’s CTO Mats Lindoff told the Register, “We need products in all categories, maybe not in the ultra-low segment, but a broad portfolio. Windows Mobile in the US and in Nordic countries is the IT manager’s choice.” He’s right, too. Walk into any desk jockey’s office in the US and see what’s running on his phone. Chances are, it’s either the BlackBerry OS or Windows Mobile, not Symbian.

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