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Lisa Brewster on Our own Devin “Heavenly” Coldewey is Geek Sugar’s Geek We Love for Valentine’s day

I’d hit it.

ryan red on Lenovo drops ThinkPad X300 to answer MacBook Air

If I had endless money, beyond getting more hookers than Matt Hickey usually gets, I’d buy a Think Pad. The Air’s lack of a removable battery makes it about as appealing as a girl with the clap. I’m on my second laptop battery and they are expensive enough without having to pay for it to be installed.

drdrew on Buddy Beacon expands beyond Helio to other carriers, iPhone, and Facebook

cool tech, I just wish it worked here in the middle of nowhere…but matt, you shouldn’t call out peter while he’s working at his second job!

hopefully this means no more “where you at?” commercials, because i am an “english major, looking for meaning in things where there aren’t any.”

i believe that was a three point swish…and one…