AT&T Tilt getting ROM update today? [Update]

Not sure how reliable this is, but it’s rumored that AT&T will be releasing a ROM update today for the HTC Tilt. I liked the Tilt when I had one despite it running Windows Mobile. Below are a list of things that 1.61.502.0 are supposed to fix.

* Device freezing during unlock process when a password is enabled on the device.
* Pocket Outlook unresponsive when launched while on an active voice call.
* Fast Forward and Rewind not working with Bluetooth headset and the Tilt.
* DTMF tones for the slide out QWERTY keyboard not working.
* Intermittent unresponsiveness from Touch Screen (aka Start Button Issue).
* Excessive background noise while using a BT headset.

AT&T Tilt ROM Update Tomorrow [WMExperts]

Update: HTC has released the ROM for the Tilt. You can find it here. Thanks for the tip, Doug.