Butterfingers? No problem. Butterface? Your call.

wii_proof_panasonic_plasma As a Wii owner, I’ve been using the Wii-mote sans wrist strap since the thing snapped within a week of using it. Since then, never have I ever had a problem with accidentally hurtling it into my TV. However, that might be because after reading all the horror stories of Wii-punctured flat panels, I picked up a couple rubberized battery covers for some extra traction.

The total out of pocket cost to me for piece of mind was $6.99 plus tax for two battery covers. If you’re looking for the same piece of mind, you might be tempted to purchase similar accessories. Bah, I say. Why not just buy a Wii-proof TV instead and feel content to beat the hell out of it with your game controllers?

Panasonic hopes that you’ll take my advice and purchase its tougher-than-normal LCD screens, which were recently announced in Valencia. The magically coated panels are tough enough to withstand up to 4 joules, which is probably really impressive if you’re into the joule scene. No word yet on price, availability, or consumer interest.

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