CloudBook unboxed and riddled with problems [Update]


Our pals over at Laptop got their mitts on the CloudBook and they’ve run into two major problems. I guess it’s three, but they’re only reporting on two. They can’t even get it past the start screen right now is what I’m being told. LMAO. Here are the other two things they’ve run into.

* The pointing device: The touchpad is a tiny stretch of plastic in the most awkward place you can possibly imagine, on the right above the keyboard. The left and right mouse buttons are on the left side above the keyboard, forcing you to use two hands to navigate and click.
* The initial setup: We selected our language without a problem but we can’t get past the screen where you select a city, because there’s no OK button when you go to select your timezone. If you close or minimize the timezone selection window, you get a blank desktop with no icons and no way to do anything. Not a good start.

CloudBook Unboxing and Very First Impressions [Laptop]

Update: Check out the mini-review here. Looks like the CloudBook falls short compared to the Eee PC.