Comcast in Seattle getting six more High-Definition channels in March

[photopress:hdcomcast.jpg,full,center]Rarely do I give Comcast praise, but today I feel I must. The cable company monopoly will be adding six new HD channels to its catalog in March, just in time for my birthday, and they’re good ones! Well, most of them.

Those of you who are still using standard definition need to seriously think about your futures. You’re holding the rest of us back, and I’m starting to think it’s time to cut the dead weight.

After the jump, the new channels, and what I think about them! Because it’s Friday and you care!

Animal Planet HD: Shows about people who talk to dogs, in High Definition!

Discovery Channel HD: We have something similar now, but I’m stoked to see Mythbusters in HD every day.

Learning Channel HD: This channel used to be good, now in HD! HD!

Home and Garden HD: I don’t care, cuz I own neither, in HD! HD! High-Definition!

Food Network HD: That’s right, the gourmand’s version of the Playboy network in 720p. HD! Hi-Def!

Sci Fi HD: Oh, yes, you heard me. You heard me in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound, and saw it in High-Definition HD Hi-Def HDTV!

Comcast has promised 60 channels of HD programming by the end of the year, and is on pace to make good on that promise. Go, Comcast!

[Thanks for the tip, Paul!]