New video and voice chat features coming to PS3?


Hark! Someone over at spotted the above image on the official PlayStation website, hinting at the possibility of in-game XMB (Cross Media Bar) messaging. The text says, “Talk to others during game play, say hello anytime you’re online, or have a video chat with an Eye camera, USB Camera, or headset.” The image was pulled off the server rather quickly. So long and Godspeed, Lego-head avatars.

The general thought is that the feature will be officially announced at Sony’s Game Developers Conference next week in San Francisco. Members of the NeoGAF forum didn’t seem too uppity about it, as this feature’s been thought to have been on its way for some time now. We’ll hopefully know for sure next week.

PS3: Ingame XMB confirmed [NeoGAF] via PS3 Fanboy