Olympus e-430 specs leaked: 12MP, less bulky, Live View


Looks like details of the Olympus e-430 have leaked to a Russian Web site. That’s where all the best leaks occur.

The 3-430 has a 12-megapixel image sensor and Live View, which turns the LCD in the back into more of a point-and-shoot screen. You look at the LCD instead of through the viewfinder, just like a point-and-shoot. (I think Olympus was the first to introduce Live View to its SLR—correct me if I’m wrong there, I often am.) Live View’s handy if you need to do the ol’ “hold the camera above your head to get a shot” maneuver.

The cam also supports “real” USB 2.0 speeds. I guess previous models were gimped in that respect?

Add in the expected-from-an-update larger image buffer and faster frame rate—how fast the camera takes pictures when you hold down the shoot button—and it looks to be a fine entry by Olympus. You can also tell that it looks a hell of a lot less bulky than SLRs are known to be, which I would imagine plays at least some role in scaring folks away from using them.

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