Warcraft PVP contest has $75,000 grand prize


And who said World of Warcraft was a waste of time? Turns out you can win a couple of ducats if you’re good enough.

Starting in April, Blizzard will start a contest where players will compete for a grad prize of $75,000. It’ll be a 3v3 Arena contest where players will try to out-PVP each other. To make things intersting, the contest will be held on servers where you can automatically create level 70 characters with the best gear available—the contest is about skill and guile rather than who has the most time to raid and raid and obtain gear the hard way. An even playing filed. Much appreciated, Blizzard. (Not that I’ll enter; my PVP skills can be best described as “atrocious.”

The contest ain’t free, though, with Blizzard charging $20 for North American entrants, and around the same amount in your local currency.

Contest Info [Blizzard via WOW Insider]