Cavalcade of rumor: "Greener" Dell planning Air-esque ultralights and Android phones

An internal email between Dell employees points to some more rumors about a Dell Android phone coming in the next few months. No details, but “yes it is true.”

In further news, there will be a fully rugged notebook next month as well as a 3-pound laptop about half-an-inch thick. The source estimted that they had 14 “Opti’s and Lat’s” coming up and will have over 40 new models by summer.

Finally, Dell wants to be the greenest laptop manufacturer in the world and will be aiming its marketing towards green concepts and, interestingly enough, away from the face and name of Michael Dell. Apparently the “Michael Dell” issue is a massive internal struggle for these kids, much like the Ingsoc resisters hate/love Big Brother. Who knew?

Given the trustworthy nature of the source I’m giving the Dell phone a 70% chance while the tough and thin notebooks about 95%. I don’t even know what to say about the Dell issue.