Boycott on eBay threatens action figure, car parts, and stuffed bear lovers across the globe


Oh man, people are mad at eBay. So angry, in fact, that there is supposedly a boycot starting on Monday to protest changes the auction site has made to the way feedback is handled, raised fees, sellers standards, and the way search works. Many people make their living on eBay and fear the changes, which they deem “unwarranted”, would make it harder for them to depend on eBay for income.

The main bone of contention is that the new feedback system would allow more access to shifty sellers and dilute the already fragile reputation system. While there’s no doubt that the feedback system is flawed, many sellers think this change is going in the wrong direction.

What remains to be seen is what impact, if any, the boycott will have on eBay itself, and more importantly to the buying public.

Is eBay boycott for real? [Auction Bytes]