GeekBrief.TV #313

XamBox may be the single best intermediary device between analog and digital I’ve ever seen. Paper documents, receipts and business cards are scanned in and dropped in a box. Software converts the paper to PDFs and catalogs in what order the hard copies are stored in the box. When the box is full, you label it, seal it and store it. If you need the document again, the software will tell you exactly where to look, or you can just print a fresh copy.

(with an exclamation point like Yahoo!), is a portable handheld shredder that shreds up to 5 layers of paper at a time. I’m thinking about a year on the road so small and portable is on my mind.

Litepanels Micro is a consumer version of what the pros use for lighting faces. It’s LED so it doesn’t use much energy and it doesn’t put off much heat. It fits on a small DV camera and runs on four AA batteries.

There is a new portable version of Guitar Hero that will be released next month.

Going through boxes of stuff to sell on eBay, I came across our very first digital camera. It’s a Vivitar ViviCam 3000. It shoots .77 Megapixel images and has 1 MB of internal storage and I want your suggestions for what I should do with it.