Guitar Hero: Aerosmith to feature drums and vocals?


If only there were a game like Guitar Hero where you could also play drums and sing instead of just playing the guitar parts. They could call it something like oh, I don’t know, Band of Rockers or Rock Guys Rocking Together or Making the Band or Hey, Come Over After School And We’ll Jam In My Basement With The New Gibson Epiphone My Dad Bought Me After I Found Out He’s Been Sleeping With His Secretary. Or maybe just something simple like Rock Band would do.

Anyway, Best Buy’s website says the upcoming Rock Band: Aerosmith will allow you to “drum like Joey Kramer, wield an axe like Joe Perry and Brad Whitford, bring up the bottom like bassman Tom Hamilton and belt out vocals like the legendary Steven Tyler. Unlike the real band, you won’t have to endure years of touring and endless hours on stage. Just pick up your instrument and play, or put the mic in your hand and sing.”

It’s set to release on June 29th and will cost $50 to $60 depending on your system, so we’ll see how you’re going to get the drumset and microphone that’ll allow you to do all of the aforementioned rocking.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith [Best Buy] via Joystiq