When stuck in Barcelona, call. Don't Qik. It's quicker.

Meeting up in Barcelona during 3GSM can be tricky when you have to push through about 30,000 people. But CrunchGear, sister to TechCrunch, gamely held a meetup event (pictured) there last week. However, after realising he’d accidentally booked the event in an office block, CG editor John Biggs moved it “to a hole-in-the-wall paella place with an upstairs.” Despite this minor set-back about 30 people went along and a good time was evidently had by all.

Alas the instructions appeared to be all too much for some, including Loren Feldman from 1938 Media and his partners in crime UK CEO Paul Walsh, Dennis Howlett and MaxRoam’s Pat Phelan. Instead of taking the option most 3GSM attendees would think of and dialing-up a mobile browser to get the published map for the party, they turned to what was clearly the most effective solution: Qik video yourself back to your friend in New York who, alerted via Twitter’s ‘I’m streaming right now’, can then post a reply via YouTube.


Understandably, stuck in the middle of a dark Barca street, they vented their ire at TechCrunch for not immediately informing them of the change of venue. Well, what can we say guys? Maybe get a mobile phone number next time.

Meanwhile, I’m happy – seriously – to say the guys did eventually made it to the CrunchGear party. (Although this video of them at the event looks nothing like the official photos, which does make me wonder if they found the right place…)