Fast 128GB solid state drives coming in April

mtron Solid state drive capacity and availability continues to grow with the announcement of Mtron’s 128GB 1.8-inch SSD.

It’ll have maximum read/write speeds of 120MBps and 100MBps, respectively, and will be targeted at UMPC devices.

It’s got a PATA interface, so it can replace most existing notebook hard drives pretty easily. And with the 6X speed bump and half the power consumption (compared to standard drives) that the company claims, it could be a worthy, albeit pricey, contender to your notebook’s hard drive nook.

The drives will ship in April. Pricing hasn’t yet been set but I betcha they’ll be mighty expensive at first. That’s good, though, because it’ll hopefully push the prices of 64GB solid state drives down closer to wallet-friendly terra firma.

Mtron’s new SSD with Single Level Cell (SLC) Flash memory supports PATA (ZIF-type) interface and has a maximum reading speed of 120MB/s and writing speed of 100MB/s, which is more than 6 times faster than the current 1.8 inch HDD.

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