HP prepping tiny notebooks in time for spring

pic14141 Looks like HP may have decided to jump on the UMPC bandwagon. Yippee. Hopefully it doesn’t have a keyboard and costs, like, $1200. Ha!

Hold the phone, CNET’s Darius Chang says it’s “likely to be competitively priced, much like the ASUS Eee PC.” I’m listening…

Oh man, it gets better! Someone on HP’s staff told Chang, “you won’t even need to consider this purchase. You’ll buy it like a handphone without a thought.” Wow! I don’t know what a handphone is but if someone from HP says that an HP product will be a purchase I won’t even need to consider, who am I to question his or her judgment? All this time spent questioning judgment and I could have been out buying HP products.

HP’s forthcoming UMPC will supposedly feature longer battery life than current offerings and appeal to the fashion conscious, hinting at a very thin, very portable machine. We’ll get more details over the next few months. Late spring/early summer seems to be when a lot of companies are prepping to drop new tiny notebooks.

HP UMPC coming this spring? [CNET Asia] via Electronista