Panasonic's AG-HMC151, like a tapeless DVX100

Panasonic_-_AG-HMC151angle_350 Anyone who’s done some independent (and/or adult) film work will recognize the Panasonic AG-DVX100 alongside the staple Canon GL and XL series as a good choice for relatively high-quality digital cameras that won’t break the bank.

Well, Panasonic’s announced a tapeless version of the AG-DVX100 called the AG-HMC151. It’s a 16:9 three-chip camera with a 28mm Leica Dicomar lens that can handle 1080i and 720p at 13Mbps recorded in the AVI H.264 profile.

It uses SD and SDHC cards — currently up to 32GB in capacity — and will be available in the Q3 this year. Price hasn’t been announced yet but here’s to hoping it’ll be relatively affordable.

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