Putting startups on the map

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Ages ago I had the idea of putting startups on a Google map and allowing them to add their location and logo. But as is the way with these things I never got around to doing it, which is why I’m glad someone else did.

Today I was emailed by Douglas De Jager, CEO of UK startup dotHomes, who obviously had the same thought and decided to create just such a map. I Twittered it to a few people today and, before I had a chance to post on it myself, was beaten to the punch by Jemima Kiss over at PDA.

So here’s the info:

Global map of startups

Startups in UK

Startups in Ireland
Startups in London

Startups in Silicon Valley

If you’ve any to add, then go ahead. You need a Google Map account, click Edit then add a Placemark and edit that. It’s not totally intuitive but it will do for now. Please don’t edit the name of the map.

Right now anyone can add anything. If you think we should make it so Douglas and I get to vet the companies on the map first, then let me know, but that might slow it down and introduce all sorts of issues.

Update: To prevent the map turning into a spammer’s paradise full of non-tech startups, we’ve taken it ‘back into the fold’ as it were, so now to add your company please email mapstartup@gmail.com with your location, URL, tag line/slogan, and logo URL for a image.