Woman divorces husband over World of Warcraft addiction


Some boring woman is divorcing her husband in California because she says he spends too much time playing World of Warcraft, ignoring her in the process. Boo-hoo lady, that man is having the time of his life either raiding or getting wicked PVP gear. What do you want him to do, sit down, after his long day at work and watch Lipstick Jungle with you? Or maybe you want him to spend the warm, sunny afternoon with you at the park? Newsflash, honey, this man’s house has a climate control system: if he wants it to be hot inside, it shal be hot; if he wants to build an igloo, it shall be so. Why should he be bothered to enjoy the day outside when he’s just as well enjoying the day inside?

OK, so the guy stopped paying bills, too, but you know that ol’ selfish woman just wanted to monopolize that man’s time. He works hard, he plays hard.


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