AirDrives for iPhone now available

AirDrives Now we’re talking. Back in July, yours truly did a post on the new AirDrives headphones — you know, the headphones that basically sit on the outside of your ear “eliminating the need to choose between music and social interaction” — and I mused that they might be better positioned as workout headphones.

Well, Mad Catz has gone a step in what I believe to be the right direction by offering up an iPhone -friendly headphone/mic combo (also compatible with BlackBerry Curve and Pearl). Any cell phone headset that can let outside noise back in would be nice and safe in the car. Let’s hope Mad Catz releases a universal 2.5mm version too.

Cheap? No sir, they’re $99. However, they’re made to be worn all day because they don’t actually go inside your ears.

AirDrives(TM) Interactive Earphones for iPhone Now Available [Press Release]