Intel, MS, Dell, AMD join forces to fight forces of darkness, forced to play through tutorial and kill 50 rats

Dress Barn? Make a left turn at the Soul Reaver. It’s right on the corner there, next to the Taco Bell.

In ancient times a sword was forged called MS/Intel, a sword that channeled gamers into a standard platform for games that, like it or not, forced a massive and lucrative upgrade cycle almost every six months. Now the Necromancers from within Microsoft and Sony (Nintendo wants to be a Necromancer but all they can do is kill squirrels with poison) are attacking this vaunted bastion called PCGamehelm. To prevent young apprentices from going over to that dark realm of Consolia, Dell, Microsoft, AMD, and Intel are joining forces to created the PC Gaming Alliance, a band of brigands, tanks, and mages who will fight Consolia at all its borders.

Harken to this missive:

The alliance comes at a time when PC video game sales are falling. PC games sales in the U.S. were $910.7 million in 2007, down from $970 million in 2006, according to research from NPD Techworld. PC game sales in 2007 dwarfed in comparison to the sale of software for video game consoles like Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s Wii, which were $6.6 billion.

To arms, men!

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