Nubrella: The totally reinvented umbrella


My God in Heaven, someone has actually improved the umbrella. I’ve been complaining about the lack of innovation in umbrella design for some time now.

Feast your eyes upon Nubrella, which sorta combines the words “new” and “umbrella” into one easy-to-remember brand identity. For $60 you can look like a complete tool, but, but!, you’ll be protected from the elements like never before. It guarantees to protect your pretty face from wind, rain, ice, snow, badgers and more.

You don’t hold the Nubrella like you do regular umbrellas, that would be stupid. Instead, you sorta wear it, as this charming man so ably demonstrates.

The best part is that it’s PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for the Nubrella to turn inside out, which happens to me all the time on windy, rainy days. (Why do gale force winds always accompany even the gentlest rain?)

Nubrella, available now. Catch it.