Nudar: locate boobs with your GPS


This is honestly the stupidest thing I’ve ever come across, but it’s actually really, really cool. I’m not big on strip clubs because I think it’s a waste of money to go home with blue balls, but a lot of co-eds pay their way through college thanks to dirty old men and nerdy guys like us. If you’re new to the city you’re currently inhabiting or you’re planning your next road trip and/or spring break then you may want to give Nudar a deep, hard look.

What exactly is Nudar? According to their site,

NUDAR is “radar” for strip clubs and nudity. Our goal is to locate every public place and event where you can find naked hotties across the globe – and we need your help!

All you have to do is download the NUDAR GPS POI files and you’re immediately directed to over 2,500 strip clubs. Nude beaches, resorts, festivals, events, and parties will also be added in the future with some hitting on the 22nd of this month. It looks like it supports the bigger GPS companies like Garmin, Tom Tom and Magellan. Better act fast though, beta registration closes on 2/22 and that means you’ll be paying $30/year for this service.


Thanks for the tip, Joe G.