Top 10 iPhone games we'd love to see


With rumors of iPhone SDKs and games coming fast and furious from GDC we decided to figure out which games we’d like to see ported to the iPhone post-haste. Add your own in comments.

10. Solitaire – Oh wait, it’s already out. It’s a third-party app called iSolitaire and kicks huge ass.

9. LocoRoco – Twist and turn that iPhone to get those blobs together. Don’t shake too hard or you’ll get a lava lamp.

8. American Idol – Sing into the microphone and get berated by a largish British man. Sounds like Karaoke with Winston Churchill, but thankfully there’s little screen interaction.

I feel asleep…
7. Original Metal Gear – Except for the shooting, you could probably just tap Solid Snake and lead him around by the nose in this top-down shooter from back when I barely had hair on my body.

6. Hunt the Wumpus – Open up the developer’s terminal and fire up emacs because Wumpus would probably be one of the easiest games to port to the iPhone ever. In fact, it’s already web-based so go ahead and give it a whirl. Add the Unreal Engine and some multiplayer and you’ve got a winner.

5. DDR – Move your fingers on the touchpad, dance-boy, and pretend you’re dancing. But we all know you dance alone, forever.

4. True Swing Golf – Whiff! Flip your finger on the touchpad to recreate the thrills of golf on a considerably bigger and brighter screen. For extra realism hire a teenager to carry your iPhone for you.

3. Wii Sports – Sure you won’t be able to see where your shots land but maybe you could shake the controller like a Wiimote? Bonus: Throw your iPhone at other people for more points.
2. Star Wars: The Arcade Game – Use your finger, Luke! Aim and tap on the screen to blow up vector-based Tie-fighters.

It’s characters like that damn sailor guy who really piss me off about Nintendo.
1. Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass – If the DS can do it with only the stylus, the iPhone can do it with your big greasy finger. Sail the Seven Seas and become pissed at a pirate in this modern classic.

Runner up: Wii Fit – Just don’t do push-ups on the screen.