Don't stifle leaks, kids


Just a little cautionary tale for those who attempt to stifle leaks: it just isn’t worth it. A high-end bank, Bank Julius Baer (they’re next to the WaMu in downtown Brooklyn, across from the Chinese-Mexican food place) is a company that hides the assets of the ultra-rich in the Cayman Islands. No harm in that, right? Fun for everybody.

Well, some documents were leaked to WikiLeaks regarding this practice and BJB hired entertainment lawyer Lavely & Singer to sue, effectively shutting down the company’s California operations but encouraging millions of people who wouldn’t know the Cayman Islands from a garbage scow to now actually care about the case. These people are busy squirreling away millions of copies of the documents that the entertaining lawyers are trying to keep secret. The resulting firestorm is trickling up and down as we speak, showing that trying to suppress information, at least information regarding lots of money and companies that sound they cater to narco-barons, is a fruitless cause.

Look before you leak [InfoWorld]